You must have never heard of the little story about Toyota?

Regardless of your attitude towards Japanese cars, you have to admit that Japanese car companies are indispensable in the world of automotive, and the most representative of Japanese car brands is not Toyota, as one of the best cars in the world. Manufacturers, Toyota produces cars all over the world. Countless owners have a lot of connections with Toyota, but how much do you know about toyota rav4.? You must have heard most of the stories you want to tell me below.

Toyota started out as Toyoda.

In fact, the reason Toyota originally called this name is very simple. It is because Toyota’s founder, Toyota Kiichiro’s Japanese name is Kiichiro Toyoda, so Toyota is called Toyoda. But later, Toyota Kiichiro felt that the Toyya Japanese pseudonym was not too good-looking. It was not too symmetrical when it was two or so. The visual effect was not very good, and it was very troublesome to design the logo. So the group name was given by Toyoda. “It is set for Toyota. In fact, the origin of the name of Japanese car companies is quite interesting. For example, the origin of the Nissan name is because the founder team put forward the concept: “This should be a name that can represent the history of Japanese industry, and the meaning of this name should be More than the name of the person, so the name of “Nissan” was born.

Made the first car in the textile factory

Everyone knows that Toyota’s founder, Toyota Kiichiro, established Toyota Motor Industry Co., Ltd. in 1937. However, few people know that before Toyota appeared, the old man himself made the first car, which was still in his father’s textile factory. Toyota Kiichiro is very interested in the car itself, and the father’s father is very supportive of his son’s ambition. So before the Toyota Motor Corporation was really established, Toyota Kiichiro set up the automobile department in his father’s textile factory. The first car was out.

Toyota’s first car was also “imitation”?

But Toyota’s first truly production car was born in 1936, the Model AA, but it is not so much the development as the first production car. The chassis and gearbox directly copied a Chrysler model. The other parts of the body use the parts of MG and Ford, and of course Toyota has also cast a part of it. The body design completely mimics the Chrysler Airflow. The reason is that Toyota Kiichiro knows that its factory does not have the ability to design a new car, and Chrysler Airflow is designed to lead Toyota to develop its first generation body. Leave more time for the appearance.

▲ Toyota’s first production model AA

The engine of the first car reversed the Chevrolet’s inline six-cylinder engine. However, it is worth mentioning that Toyota has made its own small development and small processing on its basis, making its horsepower a full 10% higher than the prototype. You see, this is the difference between plagiarism and innovation.

About Toyota, you have to know the 30 truths

Whether you like Japanese cars or whether you like Japan or not, you must acknowledge that Toyota is one of the most well-known brands among global car manufacturers. As the world’s largest automaker, Toyota has consistently ranked first in sales worldwide. Some people have been driving Toyota for a lifetime. Besides knowing that it has good fuel-saving performance, it does not know that Toyota was originally a textile machine.


Toyota was not called Toyota before. The founder of the Toyota Group was Toyota Kiichiro, and the Japanese was pronounced Kiichiro Toyoda, so Toyota should be Toyoda. Hi Ichiro thinks that the Japanese wording of Toyoda is not too good-looking. It is not too symmetrical when it is two or so. The visual effect is not very good. It is also very troublesome to design the logo.


Hiroyuki’s dad built Japan’s first textile machine: the Toyota-style pneumatic looms. This looms are the first automatic looms in Japan that have not relied on manpower, and the second generation has a good cut.


Toyota is also involved in agricultural production outside the car. Toyota mainly sells agricultural IT management tools for rice cultivation and other purposes, and is called the “bumper plan”. The tool improves the efficiency of agricultural operations by centrally managing widely dispersed paddy fields. At the same time, a joint venture was established to establish a new greenhouse for sweet pepper cultivation.


In the 1930s, Japan’s domestic auto industry was monopolized by Ford and GM. At that time, Toyota Textile Machinery Group felt that it could build a car to solve the problem that domestic auto repair parts were difficult to find.


Toyota also started from plagiarism, the first generation of cars, most of the components are made by themselves, but the engine copied Chevrolet inline 6-cylinder engine; after their own small research and development, although using the heart of others, heartbeat horsepower But it is 10% higher than others. This is the difference between plagiarism and innovation. The chassis and gearbox directly copy the Chrysler Airflow.


I have seen TopGear know that the Three Musketeers have carried out indiscriminate devastating blows on Toyota’s cars numerous times, but they are all eggs. The most ferocious is to test the Toyota Hilux pickup, soaking in sea water for 5 hours, using fire, using blasting, from The high-rise building is down, this car can still start driving, the reliability is no solution to this point, accidentally became a special car for terrorists in the Middle East, and Obama even denounced Toyota several times. So Toyota Hilux is Toyota’s black technology.


When Toyota built the first generation of cars, of course, they could not create a new concept car out of thin air. It took a long time to build a new car model. The savvy Kiichiro felt that it should pick a more popular model on the market. Then, adding some of his own designs, he picked up the old beauty muscle car Chrysler DeSoto, because he felt that the design of this car was at the cutting edge of the era, even after a few years, when Toyota’s first car interview Not to be old.


After the Second World War, the Toyota industry was destroyed. In the first few years after the war, the Japanese economy was in chaos. In order to rebuild as soon as possible, Toyota decided to produce a car. The first model after the war was a replica of the national car beetle that was in Europe.


Toyota’s first jeep was not called Land Cruiser at first. It was named Jeep since its birth in 1951. Until 1954, Jeep warned that they could no longer use this name. So it was renamed Land Cruiser Land Cruiser. In fact, the name is even more Cool. Ok, not all jeep cars are called Jeep. The predecessor of Land Cruiser: Toyota BJ series is a cottage of the Willis model (Mitsubishi and Nissan Tour also also cottage Willis).


This land cruiser is very bullish. When it was still a prototype that had not yet started mass production, it broke the record of the off-road vehicle. Toyota’s test driver drove the cruiser to Mount Fuji. Oh, I forgot to say that in the winter, Mount Fuji began to close the mountain in order to ensure that the safety of the tourists reached a certain height. At that time, the height of his driving up the mountain was already illegal, when the world was in the world. No other car can do it yet.


The Land Cruiser J70 was born in the 1980s. It was the explosion of the year. It was the time to go home on the highway for 10 minutes to see 30 cars, so this model has been produced and sold all the time. The 30th Anniversary Edition of the J70 is only available in Japan.


Some models of Toyota’s previous Chinese names were very good. Why did they change to a very common transliteration name? (What kind of ghost is Rand Cool Road?) It is said that (unreliable) is the Camry brand being occupied and entering China. Forced to help but only transliteration. Of course, there are also bullying ads that discriminate against insults. You can also think about it: Why do netizens who played forums in the early days have various personality names? In recent years, the registrations have been such as “good names let dogs take” and so on…


However, Toyota seems to be on the bar with the items on his head, like the light crown (for Toyota’s successful entry into the US market), the crown, and the Corolla (also known as Corolla).


When Toyota first came out, it didn’t want to buy it. Xiicang used the American supermarket management method “Just in Time” to manage his company. They also don’t produce a lot of cars, that is, how much demand there is in the market, just as much as they can produce. So to buy this first-generation car, it is also necessary to test your patience and whether it is true love (say, this is the predecessor of the current hunger marketing)?


In order to celebrate the completion of Japan’s first expressway, Toyota just took out its new car Corolla, so they took out three cars and opened back and forth between Osaka and Nagoya, and kept on and off. It opened 160,000 kilometers. This is also to show off their new car performance in high-profile! “Initial D” Fujiwara Tofu shop is the AE86 of this product line.


In the early 1970s, Toyota developed a very complex transportation application: an integrated vehicle traffic control system. This program is able to monitor traffic, let drivers know which streets are blocked, and calculate alternative routes for them, just like watching sci-fi movies at the time.


The first mass-produced hybrid car on Earth came from Toyota, which is the Prius Prius. Since its birth in 1997, it has sold 8 million. But at the time of its launch, the car sold only 300 cars that year.


When Google and BMW Mercedes are fighting for unmanned cars, Toyota has built a flying car. It is a flying car based on the 2016 Prius. The car has four layers of wings on the roof.


In the 1960s, the Toyota Group began to enter the real estate industry. Several of its R&D departments were so boring that they had come to design the doors and windows, and the kitchen, feeling too much to find a place to vent. Today, Toyota has become the largest real estate builder in three counties in central Japan.


Toyota has a city named after itself. It was called Koromo for a long time. It was renamed Toyota in 1959 to show off the most successful commercial company in the city. In the second year of 1960, Toyota City became the sister city of Detroit (Detroit was also the city of American cars).


Toyota also sells yachts. In 1997, it entered the yacht market. The name of the yacht series is Ponam. In Japan’s domestic yacht market share, Toyota ranks third after Yangma. The first is Yamaha.


Toyota is also developing a wearable device that will help blind people walk safely. The device is called “Project BLAID” and stands on the user’s shoulder like a neck pillow, using a camera to help the blind identify the bathroom, elevator, stairs and door. The device complements guide dogs, canes and other blind navigation aids.


Toyota has also been working on clean energy vehicles, such as Toyota’s fuel cell vehicles, which are hydrogen energy vehicles, and will open 5,680 technical patents on fuel cells free of charge by 2020, and patents on hydrogen production and supply. Free forever.


In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the first Western car to enter China was the Toyota Crown car. In China at the time, this model was a subversive vehicle in both shape and performance. The original advertisement of Toyota in China is the phrase that is used in modern times: “There must be a road before the car to the mountain, and there must be a Toyota car on the road.” Toyota’s initial billboards were set up in Tiananmen Square.


Toyota’s marketing is very powerful, like car (xi) sea (nao) tactics, the same major design can produce a lot of brother cars, successfully turned the question of “buy Toyota or buy Honda” into “buy overbearing or buy Land tour.”


The Toyota Land Cruiser is the best seller in the world as a cross-country king. It is not a weather in the United States and is not even sold in Canada.


As one of the two fields in Japan, Toyota has been less involved in researching robots (may not want to lose to a good friend Honda). The Toyota Kirobo robot was sent into space in 2013. It is a chat partner for astronauts, and the car is a Kirobo Mini. The robot is also a close companion for the driver. By recognizing people’s expressions and greeting people, en is to chat.


Toyota is almost a hereditary system. Detective Conanli’s “the son of the chairman or the chairman of the board” is said to be Toyota. Honda is doing the opposite. The president’s son must leave Honda because it will distract other staff.


Toyota is a good man in the domestic martial arts. Of course, there are many fans: Japanese powder, when they are together with De powder, you talk to me about safety, I will talk to you about cooking oil, you talk to me about high technology, I will talk to you. Talking about comfort, this discussion will never have a result. No one is perfect, no car is finished.


Although Toyota and another good friend of the public often compete for the world’s number one sales throne, but this pair of friends, once had a brief fall in love, even in the German Volkswagen factory gave birth to their “base” crystal! – A Volkswagen car Taro that flows through Toyota’s blood!

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